The firm of VON ROHR Patent Attorneys is one of the largest patent law firms in the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia and provides comprehensive and competent consultancy on all aspects of intellectual property. The range of consultancy services provided includes: patents and utility models in all fields of technologies and sciences, trademark and design protection, licensing and know-how contract law and law relating to inventions made by employees.
The firm's team consists of patent attorneys who have various technical and scientific expertise as well as of trained scientific and technical staff. The firm represents national and international clients at the German Patent and Trademark Office, the European Patent Office, the Office of Harmonization in the Internal Market, the World Intellectual Property Organization, the German Federal Patent Court and the Federal Supreme Court of Germany in patent nullity matters.
In addition to the firm's expertise in elaborating and prosecuting intellectual property right applications, the partners of the firm have gained many years of experience in the assertion, enforcement and defense of intellectual property rights in litigations throughout all instances of the respective offices and courts. The firm also focuses on the drafting of contracts related to intellectual property, the execution of contracting negotiations and the evaluation of intellectual property rights in connection with company acquisitions, transactions and takeovers.
Furthermore, VON ROHR Patent Attorneys places great importance on training young engineers and scientists to become patent attorneys in order to ensure continuity within the firm. It belongs to the philosophy of the firm that the partners commit themselves voluntarily to the patent attorney profession.