More than ever before, economic development is determined by new technologies and increasingly faster innovation cycles. Consequently, the importance of intellectual property protection is growing, from traditional patent, trademark and design protection as well as licensing and know-how contract law to the law relating to inventions made by employees. Law firms acting on national and international levels are currently facing the challenges of continuously reinforcing the traditional backbones of intellectual property: comprehensive scientific and technical insight, paired with excellent know-how of legal frameworks and processes. At the same time, this expertise must be geared towards the needs of an increasingly diversified plurality of clients by means of transparent and flexible structures.

The firm of VON ROHR Patent Attorneys was founded in response to the challenges presented by intellectual property of the 21st century. The firm was initiated by a group of experienced patent attorneys, led by its senior partner, Mr. Hans Wilhelm von Rohr, who cover the entire range of technologies and sciences and have collectively accumulated decades of experience, particularly in the prosecution, enforcement and defense of intellectual property rights. In addition, clients benefit from the firm's complementary competence and the philosophy that this competence must be continuously kept in line with scientific and technological progress.

The firm of VON ROHR Patent Attorneys combines many years of successful attorney experience and competence with a new structure aimed at meeting the dynamic development of client-centered requirements and processes. As a result, the firm ensures a high-level and efficient handling of the complex tasks involved in the prosecution, enforcement and defense of intellectual property rights and the assertion of claims also in international disputes.