Dr. Alexandra Ruthenbeck

M.Sc. Chemistry


Alexandra Ruthenbeck, born in 1989, studied chemistry at the University of Hamburg where she specialized in bio-organic chemistry. For her bachelor thesis, Alexandra Ruthenbeck investigated the synthesis of specific glycosyl phosphates as activated building blocks, and focused further on chemical modification of naturally occurring substances during a research stay at the University of Seville, Spain.
In supplementation of her expertise regarding organic synthesis, Alexandra Ruthenbeck also deepened her understanding of bioanalytical topics and engaged in the development of analytical methods for the structure elucidation particularly of glycoproteins, that constitute relevant tumor markers for example.

During her master thesis studies as well as the following doctoral studies, Alexandra Ruthenbeck dedicated her research to deeper medicinal-chemical questions like the optimization of drug availability at the target site of a respective drug. The application of different prodrug strategies on potential drugs as well as endogenous biologically active substances followed by evaluation of the respectively obtained products constituted central aspects of her research work.
The results of the various research projects Alexandra Ruthenbeck contributed to were acknowledged by publications in different renowned journals and presentations on international conferences.

In November 2018, after successful completion of her doctoral studies, Alexandra Ruthenbeck joined the firm VON ROHR Patent Attorneys as patent attorney trainee with the aim to qualify for admittance as patent attorney.