Dr. André Nock

M.Sc. in Physics


André Nock, born in 1986, studied physics at University of Duisburg-Essen to understand how one can describe, explain and predict natural phenomena via general laws . He wrote his thesis in the field of quantum chaos, an interdisciplinary branch of physics which tries to answer the question how chaotic behaviour manifests on the atomic scale by both experiments and theoretical considerations. André Nock was in particular concerned with theoretical models on quantum chaotic scattering systems which, amongst others, have an application in wireless data transmission. He successfully graduated in 2012 with a master's degree.

André Nock pursued his research in the field of quantum chaotic scattering during doctoral studies at Queen Mary University of London. The insights gained led to publications in renowned journals as well as participations at international seminars and conferences with interdisciplinary topics from physics, mathematics and communications engineering. André Nock was awarded the doctoral degree (Ph.D.).

In December 2016 André Nock joined the firm of VON ROHR Patent Attorneys as a patent attorney trainee with the aim to become a patent attorney.