Dr. Tobias Förster

M.Sc. in Physics


Owing to his interests in the fundamental laws of nature, Tobias Förster, born in 1986, studied physics at the University of Münster.

His technically focused bachelor thesis was created in an experimental group. In his subsequent master studies, Tobias Förster worked on a research project in France, followed by a specialization in the field of theoretical solid-state physics. In his master thesis, he worked on the electronic properties of topological insulators, a novel class of materials, and on theoretical methods concerning the description and computation thereof. Further specialization in this topic during his doctoral studies resulted in publications in renowned journals as well as in various contributions to international conferences. In July 2016, Tobias Förster received a doctoral degree in physics.

Following that, Tobias Förster joined the firm of VON ROHR Patent Attorneys in 2016 as a patent attorney trainee with the aim to become a patent attorney.