Patent Attorney Profession


Only the unique professional profile of the patent attorney allows him to act as a
mediator between technology and law in order to bring together, in his clients’ interest, the views of technicians and scientists, on the one hand, and of legal practitioners, on the other hand, and to develop a deep and profound understanding also of complex innovations and technologies.

The interdisciplinarity of intellectual property thus requires both a broad indepth education in natural, technical and engineering sciences and also a well-founded legal education comprising the complete spectrum of intellectual property law. This dual qualification profile is not only a formal requirement for the professional admission of patent attorneys but is rather also a necessary and essential prerequisite for understanding, representing and enforcing the interests of the clients. 

This dual interdisciplinary qualification of the patent attorneys is growing in significance since nowadays intellectual property protection does not only encompass the traditional fields of technology and natural sciences, such as mechanical, civil and electrical engineering as well as physics and chemistry, but also extremely innovative and highly complex fields, such as information and communication technology, biotechnology and biology as well as pharmaceutics, medicine and medical technology, which does not only require versatile qualifications of the individual patent attorney but also, in the ideal case, a partnership of patent attorneys who can exchange their special expertise and supplement one other in the different technical and scientific fields.