Birgit Jakubeit

Engineering Draftswoman


The precise graphic illustration of complex technologies and processes has always been an integral part of a successful patent prosecution. Birgit Jakubeit is specialized in this field, and the firm VON ROHR Patent Attorneys uses her expert skills as required by their clients' needs.

Birgit Jakubeit was born in 1964 and first completed an apprenticeship as a engineering draftswoman specialized in the field of mechanical engineering. In the year 1986 she started working with state-of-the art CAD and DTP systems in plant engineering and construction, among others, while at the same time also succeeding in the development of presentations and advertising material.

Birgit Jakubeit has also gained many years of experience as a technical draftswoman specialized in patents. Prior to joining the newly founded firm of VON ROHR Patent Attorneys, she worked with Gesthuysen, von Rohr & Eggert for several years.