Dr.-Ing. Christopher Weyers

M.Sc. in Engineering


"Progress, in particular in the field of information technology, is characterized by increasingly shorter development cycles driven by large numbers of developers who work under immense time pressure. Patent protection in this field is a very challenging and at the same time very exciting task."

Christopher Weyers born in 1978 became interested in the transfer of scientific insight into marketable applications during his studies of electrical engineering and information technology at the University of Bochum, where he focused on circuit design, high-frequency and radio systems as well as on measurement, assembly and semiconductor technologies. This led him to research activities at the Institute for Integrated Systems at the University of Bochum, where he cooperated closely with internationally successful companies. On this basis, he completed his doctoral thesis on Gigabit Wireless Systems and was awarded a Doctor of Engineering degree in 2009.

In the same year, Christopher Weyers commenced his work in the field of intellectual property with Gesthuysen, von Rohr & Eggert, which he now continues as a patent attorney and partner with VON ROHR Patent Attorneys. Christopher Weyers consults national and international clients in all aspects of intellectual property.