Stefan Häckel

M.Sc. in Physics


"Even apparently simple products are often based on highly complex technical innovations. This fascination with technology is one of the keys for a patent attorney who is successful in various fields."

His fascination with new technological solutions and processes was the reason for Stefan Häckel, born in 1963, to take up his studies of physics at the University of Karlsruhe. His scientific focus was placed on the research field of high-temperature superconductors, which was new and innovative at the time and in which he also graduated.

His desire to stay in tune with technological process in various fields, cooperating closely with developers and inventors and contributing his own vast technical knowledge, led him to intellectual property in 1989. Following his training in a patent law firm seated in Karlsruhe, Stefan Häckel was admitted as a patent attorney in 1993. He gathered in-depth expertise in firms in Munich and Stuttgart before becoming a partner at Gesthuysen, von Rohr & Eggert in Essen in 1996 as an experienced patent attorney.

He deepened his knowledge of intellectual property rights in the United States of America and is now focused on international but also national and European matters. Due to his specific expertise, he advises German as well as international clients from individual inventors and medium-sized firms to large group companies in all fields of technology. His voluntary commitment to the field of intellectual property is reflected by several years of membership in the examination committee for patent attorney trainees.