Hans Wilhelm von Rohr

M.Sc. in Physics


"New dimensions of patent litigations in the electrical engineering industry reflect a tremendously fast development: intellectual property, in particular patents and utility models, is becoming the key to success amongst global competition in the 21st century. At a time when each company has access to markets, locations and the best brains, IP-protected products, materials and processes are valuable unique selling points."

Hans Wilhelm von Rohr has been working as a patent attorney for more than 30 years, during which time he has actively witnessed technological developments and the globalization of markets. He has had an active part in shaping the profession of patent attorneys as it is known nowadays. Hans Wilhelm von Rohr sees more in a patent attorney than an expert with technological competence and know-how in patent law. A patent attorney brings together the interests of all parties involved and creates in-depth understanding of interrelations of companies, which are often rather complex.

Hans Wilhelm von Rohr is a physicist, and while his focus was first on solid-state physics and electronic circuit technology, his work has centered also around mechanical engineering for a long time. As a former partner of Gesthuysen, von Rohr & Eggert for decades and now as a founding partner of the firm of VON ROHR Patent Attorneys, he brings systematic thinking in all aspects of intellectual property into the firm.

The firm's namesake was born in 1951, and his importance is emphasized by his voluntary commitment as a Judge of the Senate for Patent Attorney Matters at the Federal Supreme Court of Germany, to which he was appointed in 2001.